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Aurpera is an ongoing dream.


Sounds poetic, but practically speaking it is yet another small business that is made possible by the exceptional skills of various craftspeople, artisans, tailors, and lapidarists of India.


This shop is managed for the most part by one person, i.e., me. I design and curate the collections, do the graphic design and photography, the website development, the marketing, the accounting, all the customer support you may receive as well as packing your orders. I truly, truly enjoy it. I am also very privileged to have the assistance of my loved ones who help me reach these items to you as well as model them for the lovely photographs that you see and provide the most important thing one requires to pursue a dream: encouragement and moral support. 

There is a fourth entity I owe my gratitude to and that is you, the customer. Your belief and love for my products sustains this small business and gives me to motivation to keep challenging myself and take greater risks to keep making beautiful things. 

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